Beneficial Owner’s

Joint Beneficial Owner’s

NOTICE REGARDING ELECTRONIC FILES: Claimants with large numbers of transactions may request, or may be requested, to submit information regarding their transactions in electronic files. To obtain the mandatory electronic filing requirements and file layout, you may visit the settlement website at or you may email the Claims Administrator’s electronic filing department at Any file not in accordance with the required electronic filing format will be subject to rejection. Only one claim should be submitted for each separate legal entity (see Part II, section II below) and the complete name of the beneficial owner of the securities must be entered where called for (see Part II, section II of the claim form). No electronic files will be considered to have been submitted unless the Claims Administrator issues an email to that effect after processing your file with your claim numbers and respective account information. Do not assume that your file has been received until you receive this email. If you do not receive such an email within 10 days of your submission, you should contact the electronic filing department at to inquire about your file and confirm it was received.

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1The last four digits of the taxpayer identification number (TIN), consisting of a valid Social Security Number (SSN) for individuals or Employer Identification Number (EIN) for business entities, trusts, estates, etc., and telephone number of the beneficial owner(s) may be used in verifying this claim.